Endless Inspiration


As temperatures cool, I’m outside more and enjoying the beauty of some of my favorite subjects–trees.  I cannot get enough of them.  I’m usually in a quandary as to whether to simply sit or stand in the presence of a tree’s beauty drinking it all in, or to record it’s beauty in pen or paint while standing there.  More often than not, I come home to record what I remember…not merely a duplication of what that tree looked like, but of what it felt like to be near it.  I teach at a school where nature is upheld as an endless source of inspiration for our minds, our imaginations, our hearts.  I LOVE this aspect of the Charlotte Mason philosophy of education.  In our teacher training days a few weeks ago, we were handed a packet of information about Nature Study that included wonderful quotes about trees…here’s one for today:

And see the peaceful trees extend

their myriad leaves in leisured dance–

they bear the weight of sky and cloud

upon the fountain of their veins.

–Kathleen Raine, Envoi

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  1. Timaree (freebird) says:

    I like your way of working. Colorful and loose on some of these and then you do that nice portraiture in black and white. I’ll have to come back and see what else you do. If you find time with your teaching that is!

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