Were my life four seasons of twenties

I would be in late Fall.

Spring and Summer past, so too the brilliance of leaf and coolness.

Only a few bright jewels remain quivering on their branches

knowing full well they await their last flight

of wind before gravity takes hold.

From here I can feel the chill of coming winter.

And I now see, with other limbs bare,

the evergreens standing sure and unmoved by the seasons’ ravages.

They have been there all along playing

a lesser role to oak and maple.

Providing scaffolding for all of nature’s

hoopla to dance and frolic.

Now they have their day…their deep values

fencing the path, marking the way.

I walk on. For I cannot go back.

Stopping to rest beside an evergreen

I admire its solidity, if prickly and severe.

I touch the bark, the needles, and I inhale something rich, resinous, comforting.

Surely in my winter, evergreens will guide with pointy fingers

and lay out a carpet soft for travel-weary feet.

Here in late autumn I can still feel the sun of summer’s day,

the blush of spring’s blooming.

It is all encompassed by memories of brilliant colors against a bright blue sky.

The hint of woodsmoke brings me to now, as I walk forward

into winter’s snowy embrace.


11 thoughts on “Evergreen

  1. Cheryl Wright says:

    A beautiful picture of life from the older side of 50 and even 60, which is where I am standing. It’s a picture that stirs up reflection, gratitude and hopeful anticipation for the deep winter years because God is good, just, faithful, merciful and gracious in all His dealings with us, at every stage of our lives.

  2. Fran. Patterson says:

    Jen. You are an amazing Proverbs 31 woman. A Creative, talented, thoughtful, caring , wonderful wife and mother , and God loving Chrisian. And you knit all those qualities together( just like your beautiful art work) into a living masterpiece. Love your poem as I too enter into the winter of my life. But during this season let us wrap up
    and stay warm in Gods love and provision
    and keep on keeping on!..Fran P.

    • Jennifer Edwards says:

      And Fran…I have truly enjoyed viewing your artwork on your website! What wonderful textile, collage and painting works! So vibrant in color and rich in texture and detail. I wish you all the best in your creative pursuits! -Jennifer

  3. Fran. Patterson says:

    Thanks so much. You have been a real inspiration to me for quite a while!
    I have your book,Letters to an artist. So insightful!
    We are building a house with an art studio
    in Bastrop Tx. (40 miles east of Austin).
    Plan to give workshops on “being creative”
    offering encouragement for women to find
    and enjoy their God given talents!
    Maybe we should teach a workshop together someday! Blessings. Artfully. Fran

    • Jennifer Edwards says:

      Thank you so much for sharing this with me. It is an encouragement to me. And I am so excited for your new home and studio! May God bless your efforts and the work of your hands as you seek to reflect Him in all you create and as you encourage others to do the same! Artfully yours, Jennifer

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