Extra-Ordinary Lines

The thing that’s so captivating about lines is that they have the power to transform the most ordinary of subjects, into something truly extraordinary!

Color has this power as well.  But there’s something mesmerizing about following the contours of a clematis vine growing up a mailbox that seems to alter what’s before me into a lovely abstraction.  At first glance, you might not readily see what the lines are describing.  But then it shows up, and you can see the mailbox, the flowers, the number one at the top of the post.

Line has a language all its own…simple, direct, succinct.  It reminds me of Julia Child and reduction sauces…a simmered down substance whose flavor is powerful, yet hangs on a very ordinary thing…a sauce.  How did I get to sauces and Julia Child? Oh me.  You never know where a “line” will take you…:)

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