Family Fun

I’ve begun a series of little drawings/paintings of my parents, siblings, and cousins…all from a wonderful day spent last September up in the High Country (where my people are from:)  I believe it was a Saturday, celebrating my dad’s birthday.  Everyone except for me and my kids, had camped out in the rain the night before.  They were all tired, waterlogged, perhaps a bit grumpy…but the sunshine was clearing all that away.  The kids were having a lovely time playing in the “crik” there at Price Park where we were having a picnic lunch.  The drawing of my dad makes him seem a bit severe…but it’s only because the sun was in his eyes.  He’s holding my sister’s fourth child whose not yet old enough for frolicking in the crik.

This is about as good as we will get from my mom:)  Hee Hee.  She’s never been keen on having her picture taken, but she says even more so now, because she will end up in a blog post!!  Right you are, mommy!  There will be more to come, more to show you, more to explore and play around with color and line.  And yes, more of my mom.

0 thoughts on “Family Fun

  1. Janene says:

    These are great sketches! I love them–so lively and expressive. I don’t think your Dad looks severe at all. He seems to be concentrating. There is something about his lips, or maybe the colors that give him a kindly look, imo.

  2. Alex Tan says:

    This is a beautiful post 🙂 My mom does the same whenever I want to take a picture of her too hahahaha. But the drawings are amazing, absolutely love the colors.

  3. donna noble says:

    I really enjoyed your post. Your drawings are wonderful. I think you should consider have books made of the whole series when you finish. You know, for the family.

  4. Sherie says:

    OH, I love these! Great sketches! I know how your mom feels, because I feel the same way. 🙂 Will be looking forward to seeing more of your family.

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