Remember these crochet circles? And that they were originally to be covering a tired old hassock, but due to a middle schooler’s urging, they now are pillow shams!

It’s great to have such creative counsel right in one’s own home!

The circle “squares” had been assembled for some time now, I just needed to sew some fabric to the back. So I declared a sewing day recently.


I pulled out some fabric I thought would do nicely for the backs of the pillow shams, but somehow, felt that it was too pretty for “the back” and instead knew that this colorful fabric needed to be a couple of pillowcases!



Found a wonderful thick chambray fabric perfect for backing the shams. I wasn’t too sure if this was going to work, or that my trusty 1965 White sewing machine would be able to handle the thickness of crochet and chambray. (Probably should’ve ironed the fabric first? Meh.)


But it did beautifully!! As always. 🙂


And then, as these things happen to me often, I spied the lovely colorful fabric sitting with the blue chambray and thought what a nice combination they are together! With what I had leftover of the yellow, I sewed up a little project bag, perfect for my sock knitting that I carry everywhere. Previously I had been toting the sock knitting in a make-up bag. 🙁


This is infinitely better. No zipper to catch the yarn. Just pull the string open, roll the happy fabric back and knit.


Finally…everything is in its rightful place.

7 thoughts on “Finally!!

    • jenpedwards says:

      Thanks for asking! If you click on the highlighted link that reads “the circle squares” in the blog post, it will take you to another blog post where I have the instructions for crocheting the circles at the bottom of that post.:) Hope that helps you! And thank you for visiting my blog!

  1. freebirdsings/Timaree says:

    It worked out perfectly! Yes, it is wonderful to have other creative people around who are in tune with you! Every piece turned out great. My sock knitting which by the way is the exact same yarn you are using, color and all, is being carried around in a ziplock Baggie! I have other things I could carry it in but this fit into my purse and suitcase pocket so easily!

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