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So…speaking of yarn that calls to me

One of the put-away-a-year-ago projects I had half finished, was this sumptuous red yarn, Rowan’s Ribbon Twist, that I was knitting into a button-up sweater with the most fun floofy yarn to trim the collar and wrists.  It boggles my mind why I don’t finish some things.  This yarn had actually been given to me by my dear mom months prior to LAST Christmas, when I finally began working on it.

I pulled it out this year and I only had the sleeves and collar left to knit! I had knitted up beyond the white floofy stuff on one sleeve…. was I overwhelmed by the thought of this stuff? Did I lose interest? Really….what is it that stops a perfectly beautiful, and not so difficult pattern, dead in its tracks?


I’ll never know, but I did manage to finish it this year, determined to do so by Christmas! Feeling a bit like Mrs. Claus in this sweater, it was a treat to wear and I’m looking for other opportunities to wear it again! Valentines will be perfect too, don’t you think? But surely I’ll wear it several times between now and then.

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