For Ellen



Macy knew, that as she grew,
her love for all things making
was growing still, her heart to fill …
crocheting, quilting, baking!

Yet in all this, one more was bliss
a thread ran through them all—
A gift to give, for this she lives,
something not found at the mall.

So Macy made, with her heart she gave
of fabric, yarn and flour.
With needles and hook, spoons and a book
to make something sweet from sour.

With ribbon and bow, her love would grow
in giving her creation away.
She wished she could be, a mouse on the knee
of the one opening it that day.

Yet content she be, to make more with glee
she only wanted more time
To quilt or crochet, to bake without delay
more presents with ribbon entwine.

For Ellen, my making/giving friend.


****At my recent Book Signing/Art Show, my friend Ellen gave me a little bag with blue tissue peeking out the top. I got home after that magical evening and even forgot who had handed me the gift bag. I fell in love with the gift inside, a little felted mouse holding what looked to be either paint brushes or knitting needles (or both)! How perfect! And adorable!! I named her Macy and she now stands proudly on my studio Christmas tree. I keep having these poems run in my head about Macy. I’ll share them with you throughout the season. In the above drawing I switched the things Macy holds to those that are particular to Ellen. She’s an amazing quilter, crocheter, baker (and knitter too!)  All I want to do is sit at my drawing table and draw all kinds of illustrations of her! I  simply don’t have the time. But whatever ones I’m able to draw, I’ll share with you … thanks for popping in this holiday season!



0 thoughts on “For Ellen

    • jenpedwards says:

      I just adore your mice Janette! In fact I had thought abut making a crochet version of Macy using your awesome tutorial!! So glad you are out there being a “making mouse” too!!

  1. Timaree says:

    Cute little mouse your friend made for you. That’s a very nice thing for her to do for others. So many don’t ever get homemade gifts. My sister will take even my failures, she is so hungry for homemade (she could make some things, and has in the past but feels like she isn’t any good at it). I love how you changed the drawing to fit your friend the giver!

  2. Terri cortelyou says:

    May I ask if your friend sells her little mouse, and if so, where? I so enjoy your emails Jennifer, both my granddaughter and I susbscribe and compare notes, she crochets and knits snd we both play with water colors.


    • jenpedwards says:

      Hi Terri! My friend Ellen bought the mouse for me and I do not know where she got it. Try Etsy or google “felted mice” to find something comparable. Thank you for visiting my blogs!!

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