The thing I love the most about the knit & crochet world is…Friends! I have been privileged to be able to teach knitting and crochet classes at Knit One Smock Too over the last couple of years, and I have met SO many wonderful people! These are just a few of them.

I think it was almost two years ago this coming January that I taught a beginning knitting class where everyone in the class seemed to be fast friends by the end of the four weeks. Ellen, on the right, is an oh, so multi-talented gal who has become a dear friend and also my trusty pattern editor. Bobbie, in the middle, is an unbelievably intelligent and giving woman who is a treasure to be around. Elaine, on the left, is an incredible business woman and avid knitter whose smile and laugh brightens any room. Pat and Tracy are missing from this funky sketch, but are amazing gals as well and whom I count as wonderful friends along with the others. The drawing is from a day last spring when we met for lunch at Simply Yummy in Reynolda Village. Pat was there, though not in the drawing, and Tracy was unable to join us, but we enjoyed catching up over tasty food on a lovely, sunny day. We have enjoyed going to plays together, eating out, and getting together at each other’s homes for meals and coffee & treats (thanks Pat and Ellen:)

This group of 5 (6 including me:) is just a small representation of the kind of people I have met and been able to get to know…there is Trish, Nancy, Nita, Lisa, Karla, Linda, Elizabeth, Dayne, Judy, Randi, Debbie, Barb, Marion and many others. I have been an artist for about 12 years now, and I have discovered more “fast friends” in the yarn world than in any other. By “fast” I do not mean “quick”, but rather, an immediate connection, or common ground in our love for fiber and making things with it. Perhaps as we knit and crochet, we are stitching our lives together in a way unique to “yarnies”. I feel blessed to have met so many and look forward to all I will meet in future.

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  1. Chris Fegles says:

    Sure wish I was on the other coast so I could sign up for one of your classes and be your friend too!! I have quilted, now I’m back to artquilts and also reteaching myself to crochet! I know yarn will now be as addictive as fabric has been!

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