From Sketch to Finish

I suppose there are ideas that truly need to percolate a while.  Whether it’s out of necessity (life events) that one has to wait until he/she can actualize an idea into reality, or whether  it’s a host of artist blocks that lengthen the gestation period, I’ve certainly experienced this long term percolating, and there are benefits.  I sketched out several “knitter” inspired drawings two years ago, and wanted back then, to translate them into larger acrylics on canvas.  I even wrote about this idea all around the original sketch.  Not sure why I never tackled it then.  But I have brewed over them in my head, auditioned them (mentally) in various other media and styles, none of which “took” to me.  The subject matter has grown, as well as a more sure sense of purpose and need to create them.

My recent motivation for completing the commissions I had in backlog, was due precisely to this hounding sense that these paintings must “get out” of my head and onto canvas.   They are a new beginning in many ways.  I’m not sure what I’ll do with this series:  exhibit them? sell them? find a gallery for them?.  We’ll see…

Here’s the sketch, created almost two years ago:

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  1. E J Mordasky says:

    I like the original sketch so very much as the background colors are so pleasing and the line work so fresh looking–then the final one has a different look–and has the additon of the outside view, too….to me it shows how the passage of time often changes our perceptions—congratulations on doing what you wanted to…!

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