Fun with Cross-hatching


Line, line, wonderful line…I love it scribbly and organic, love it straight and criss-crossed!  I’ve dabbled with this approach to drawing before, but this week I’ve been going crazy with it!  I’m inspired by the drawings of Alberto Giacometti and Peter Cusack (featured in Danny Gregory’s latest book: An Illustrated Life).  The process of drawing in this manner is far more beneficial to me than the end results are successful.  It refines my ability to see the shapes of light and dark and see the connecting patterns.  This one of three friends was especially difficult since my photo was too tiny to really see the definition in the faces, but perhaps that was good to keep the broad shapes of light & dark and not get side-tracked by the details.  Here’s another couple of pages from my red Hand Book Journal of both of my daughters:

mes filles

I’m then tempted to try splashing some watercolor on these drawings…here’s one I made yesterday morning of soap and lotion bottles in our bathroom (how ordinary is that?)

soap & lotion

I love how the drawing serves as a strong form to hang the color on.  The color doesn’t have to work so hard, because the structure is already there and shows through just enough!  I made the following picture a few weeks ago of one corner of my studio.  I do like how the Hand Book paper takes the watercolor…and the cream color gives the bright watercolors a hint of a nice subduing…well, you know what I mean!

la chaise rose

0 thoughts on “Fun with Cross-hatching

  1. Owen says:

    Far as I am concerned, blog or draw, you, my dear, made the correct choice. Also, the more I see of this Hand Book sketch book the more I like its format. Tell me a little about the tooth of the paper and its acceptance of various media – just if you like. If you’d prefer to just draw, please, please just draw {wink}

  2. jenpedwards says:

    Thanks so much Owen! This Hand Book Journal co. journal has a cream, fairly toothy and thick paper (as drawing papers go). Thus far, I have only used Prismacolor ink pens, regular cheapy ball point pens (my favorite lately) markers and watercolor. The paper does ruffle a bit with the watercolor, but it doesn’t bother me at all. It does not bleed through at all. I can’t wait to try soft pastels because I think the tooth will be lovely for them…oil pastels as well. I’m not a colored pencil gal, but I think they would be divine on this paper…just guessing! I think it was more affordable than the Moleskine too! They are a big thumb’s up from me:) I’d love for the company to make them a bit bigger too! Thanks again for visiting!

  3. Casey says:

    Don’t you just love how a group of lines and create faces and things with such depth and expression. It amazes me. Great Job!

  4. Alex Tan says:

    I really like the last picture here. The chair and the window, the soft watercolors are just perfect. Whatever that you’re trying to do here, it sure works 🙂

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