Fun with Teva’s Design

Teva Durham is one of my all-time FAVORITE designers…both her Loop-d-Loop knitting and crochet books are exquisite! I’ve had my eye on this capelet for a long time and decided to make the pattern “work” for a bulky weight yarn rather than the super bulky it calls for. I had this yarn from a summer purchase. The yardage wasn’t enough for a full sweater, but I was tired of making sleeveless and short-sleeved things…the warm weather has been hanging around far too long in our great state of North Carolina. Anyway, it was not a problem to convert her pattern to use a smaller gauge yarn, and I love the result! Teva has a knack for designing pieces from the top-down with all the increasing being a decorative addition that is to-die-for! I love the simplicity and complexity of her designs! Now I can’t wait to have cool enough weather to be able to wear it! Someday, I’ll make the super-bulky version!

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