Funny Bunny

Well, here’s my version of “Syd” Rabbit from the wonderful Vintage Crochet book I’ve told you about. I changed a few things around and perhaps I used a slightly larger gauge yarn than the one in the book (my bunny seems so big!) My kids think she is really cool; and we keep thinking of P.J. Funny Bunny from the children’s books we enjoy so much. I’ve been working on a trio of my own stuffed creatures that I’d like to write a children’s book about…we shall see…so many ideas…so little time…

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  1. Ellen Murphy says:

    So many things I like about this bunny–he’s sturdy, but hugable and lovable–not too structured. I love the colors. He’s whimsical and perfect. Hope to meet him in class one day. See you tonight!!! ellen

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