In a week of drawing trees, one can run the gamut of emotions. From surprise in a Walmart parking lot to needing a hug, to laughing out loud, or standing in silent awe … trees evoke a plethora of thoughts and feelings.

I am not always able to capture the full range of this in any given drawing. But I try. It is in the trying that the real benefit lies. Attempting to draw lines that evoke something of what I felt in that moment allows me to dive into what I’m thinking and to sort through it on paper.

The sketch becomes a kind of visual language, often aided by actual words on the same pages as the drawings. I don’t always add writing to my sketchbook pages, but this particular cheap sketchbook begs for it and I love adding written thoughts to the drawings.

I will soon finish this sketchbook. In anticipation of this, I’ve already purchased another cheap book/journal which has, instead of pale lines, tiny dots. I have tried a sample page at the beginning of the book to see how my favorite sketching media hold up on this paper. I’m especially interested in whether my markers bleed through.

Paper is actually whiter than this!😃

Thankfully the thick paper passes the test and so I’ll be working slightly larger for the next batch of daily tree drawings and all the other random sketches I add in a day.

Perhaps a sketchbook flip-through will be in order when I’ve finished the current book. Fun, eh? But first, I would love to hear from you dear reader…

Last week it came to my attention that some folks who had subscribed to receive my blogs via email, were not actually getting them. I’m afraid this may have been happening for quite some time…months and perhaps even years. Would you be so kind as to try and respond with a comment just so I know that at least some of you are receiving the notification of a new blog post in your email box?

Apple tree in tapestry!

And on that note…in the event that you are just now receiving notice of my blog posts, do scroll back through them. I would like to blog more regularly and knowing that folks are actually receiving them, will help me tremendously!

I would also love to hear what creative work has you excited these days! I am spinning and weaving a bunch along with the daily tree drawings. But I am always dabbling in many other fun and enchanting mediums such as tapestry, crochet, gouache paint, hand stitching and more!

Truly running the gamut of all my favorite creative mediums!

28 thoughts on “Gamut

  1. Mary Ellis says:

    LOVE your tree drawings and comments – I have a bare tree in my back yard. Makes it easy to see the birds and squirrels!

  2. Suzanne says:

    Wheee! What lovely sketches and thoughts! I had no idea I had been missing all your creative musings. So thankful I can now look forward to receiving your blogs.

  3. Margaret says:

    I was just thinking about you yesterday and realizing I had not received blog emails from you for quite a while. Then this evening, here it was! I am glad to be receiving them again. I like your inspiration for sketching, art journaling, knitting, etc. My art journaling had slowed down, but I picked it back up a couple weeks ago. I also crocheted some Yip-yips, just because they make me smile.


    • Jennifer Edwards says:

      Margaret i’m so glad you are continuing to sketch and draw and make things! And thank you for commenting here! I’m relieved that this problem is fixed and folks can receive my blog posts now! Have a great day! -Jennifer

  4. elizabeth streeter says:

    like others i had thought you had stopped blogging glad to know that was not the case as you can see i just got your tree blog now to get back to my drawing quilting patching spinning knitting basket making and gardening.before i run out to line dancing and photography and embroidery group, and then three week long trips so i can see my grandkids. Nothing to do when they retire they mumble are they all mad or .

  5. Pamela Hauge says:

    you are such an inspiration Jen. my love affair with trees is when the wind blows and I can hear the soothing sounds. its a lullaby in itself. my current love is scrap/recycling projects. yarn for shelter hats, fabric for charity quilts, recycling for adult bibs. somehow making use of the old into the new makes me happy

    • Jennifer Edwards says:

      Hi Pam! I love how you are giving new life to used items! That is a wonderful thing! And I too love the sound of the wind in the trees…I actually think they are talking to me as the breeze blows through them, whispering love and peace! Have a lovely day Pam! -Jennifer

  6. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    I received your post today.
    I love the way you have taken trees as a muse.
    I have a neighbor that cut down 5 pine trees like the one you portrayed half way cut down. They plopped planters on top of the stumps. Made me sick.
    Weaving is amazing to me. My mind doesn’t follow well.
    I have made a couple of small books lately. That is sort of how my muse has gone.
    Cheers and have fun with running the gamut of creative work.

    • Jennifer Edwards says:

      I’m with you on that sickening feeling when trees have been so haphazardly cut down. I’m glad you are making books Lisa! Keep it up and thank you for commenting here! So glad to know you are now receiving my blog posts via email! -Jennifer

  7. Gail Kuehn says:

    Love your trees!!
    I am trying my best to finish quilting projects that have been living in my sewing room for way too long.

    • Jennifer Edwards says:

      Hi Gail! It is a never ending issue of UFO’s lying around our studios, isn’t it? Someone said in a podcast I heard, that they call them PHD’s…Projects Half Done. Ha! I have many PHD’s!! We are pretty smart gals, aren’t we? Thanks for commenting here! -Jennifer

  8. Diane says:

    I hadn’t seen you on my Facebook for quite awhile. So glad I can see you again. I love your art and lovely comments. You inspire me. Keep it up.

    • Jennifer Edwards says:

      Yay! Hooray! Thank you so much for signing up again and letting me know you are receiving some kind of notification of when I post to my blog. I love seeing all your creations on Instagram Jill! Have a lovely day! -Jennifer

  9. Cheryl Wright says:

    Good morning Jen,

    I’ve been seeing and loving your posts/photos on Instagram, so it took a while to realize that no blog post notifications came in my email. When I noticed that, I just thought you were busy with all your creative adventures. Then notification for this post popped up. Oh goody!

    I’m still planting myself at my kitchen table/studio every day. Most days it’s all about the sketching but I am also experimenting with art journaling in my Travelers Notebooks and embellishing the pages with washi tape and stickers. I want to get some stamps and some other stuff and thingyies. I’ve been looking around for something to keep my art journaling supplies for organization and easy access. I’m thinking two sizes – larger one for all my supplies and a smaller one to pack just a few things when I’m going on vacation. This is a whole new adventure for me. I love paper (however it presents itself) so I think art journaling will be a good fit and will provide another creative outlet and expression from sketching in my sketchbook.

    I’ll be resuming crochet soon as I have a couple of small projects in mind and finally got the yarn to begin. My daughter Michelle has followed me into crochet and OMG Jen, she took off like a jet – so much faster, more focused and adventurous than I have been. She crochetd throws and blankets for the kids, kitchen towels and pot holders and dressed her Christmas tree with only crocheted decorations and a crocheted tree skirt. Last weekend, she started a sweater for her husband. Naturally, my three grandchildren and I have put in our orders for sweaters. I am so proud of her. My heart is bursting with joy.

    • Jennifer Edwards says:

      Hi Cheryl! So glad you are receiving the email notifications now! I love hearing about your creative ventures! So happy to hear you are sketching and painting still! And what fun to see how you have inspired someone else to crochet! What a delight! Happy creating to you today! -Jennifer

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