Genevieve on Gray


Yet another gray day here in Carolina. It’s unseasonably warm for January, and it’s raining. Genevieve is out walking (she loves walking in the rain:), searching the gray landscape for touches of color. There’s rumor that daffodils are popping out in some areas, and even in Boone, in the mountains where Genevieve is from, tulips are coming through the ground! Unheard of!

To walk through the gray days, Genevieve totes her favorite balloon (which represents “drawing”, read post here) and has a bit of yarn for knitting if she gets a chance. Lucy, her cat, follows her around waiting to hop up in her lap for some attention. But Genevieve might not be slowing down too much today…she’s off to school to prepare for the annual Art Show there! It’s coming up in early February, so she’s gotta get ready, preparing over 600 pieces of her student’s artwork to display. It’s gonna be grand! Click here to see and read about last year’s Art Show.

Genevieve hopes your day, whether it’s a gray one or not, is punctuated by little spots of vibrant color for your eyes to feast upon. Bonne journee!


**Note: The image here shows the sky being purplish. The sky color in the original is totally gray (a watery wash of Mars Black!) And this is the problem with photographing artwork on gray days…I just don’t get “true” colors.

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    • jenpedwards says:

      Yikes! I worry that with our mild winters, all the crawly beasties are going to be so prolific we’ll be overrun by them! And I’m dying for some snow!!! Thanks for visiting Mary!

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