Glowing Gratitude

There was a time, in early Autumn, when I stood on my back-deck balcony to survey the back-yard green.  The crisp, chiseled light was drawn to the only color in our back yard.  The glow of these two spots caught my breath and held it there as if I were in a darkened theatre mesmerized by the spotlighted display.

On this day, Thanksgiving Day 2011, I catch my breath once again as I survey the landscape of my life and gaze on spots of glowing gratitude:

*Family.  Both in my home and within a two hour radius of our home…half of whom I’ll see and hug today, half of whom I’ll hold in the spotlight of my heart.

*Friends.  Those I see and know through our church family, some who are grieving this day, some who are mending…I treasure you all.

*Online friends and artists from around the world.  You are bright spots as you visit me here.  I treasure your comments, your thoughts, or just your presence popping in.

May your Thanksgiving Day be filled with glowing spots of gratitude.

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