Going On Holiday!

No Skip November is over…December is here! And Genevieve is going on a little holiday.  A Cyber Holiday that is…pulling off the Worldwide Highway to go on some merry making ventures.  I may pop in with a postcard or two, but I’m declaring December time off from blogging and facebook.  I’m not actually sure I can do it! Ha! I do love it so!  But I need the extra time for:

*Playing Christmas tunes on my ukulele! Brett over at UkuleleTricks is teaching me some fun holiday tunes and fingerpicking as well.

*Genevieve’s Workshop! As Maddie calls our sunroom/studio with several gift-giving creations afoot and aflutter…oh me, what have I gotten myself into?

*Getting down the poems that are spilling out these days…gheesh!

*Drawing the life around me…it can easily get pushed out with all the hubbub of holiday living!

*Walks in the winter weather…maybe even a snowy walk or two!

*And just simple reverent space to awe at the wonder of the reason for this season!  It takes work to create that quiet space and not fill it with busyness.

So Ta Ta For Now to my friends near and far!  December will go by in a blink and I’ll be back here to tell you all about it!

A Very Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New Year!

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  1. Sandy in Michigan says:

    And a Merry Christmas to you, too! Have a peaceful holiday filled with lots of time for your family and lots of time to write down those poems before they float off into places of non retrieval. I’m looking forward to hearing about it all in the beginning of the New Year. 2012 is almost here!

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