Going Owling

I have never actually gone owling…except through the pages of a book.  For years, my husband and I have read to our kids a wonderful book titled Owl Moon by Jane Yolen, with exquisite watercolor illustrations by John Schoenherr.  As you read this book and gaze at the images, you feel as if you too are going owling along with the little girl and her father.  You’ll even find yourself, as we do, reading the book in hushed tones, as if you were out on a cold, wintry night, walking silently in the snow, trying not to scare away an owl so that you can see it in the evergreen woods.  I absolutely LOVE children’s books and their illustrations!  What I love even more, is when a book has a stuffed animal or character to go along with it.  A child, snuggled against his mom or dad’s shoulder, holding the stuffed animal, while they read the book, is an image that makes me swoon.

The crocheted owls I’ve designed and made here are not exactly like the owl in Owl Moon.  Not even remotely.  I  got the idea for these owls from some fabric versions I saw on Flickr.  I could hardly stop making them, and then the purse came along soon after that…ooh, what fun!  You can purchase the downloadable PDF pattern here at my yarnworks site.  I would SO love to see your versions of these sweet and oh so simple, little owls.  If I weren’t so color starved these days, I would have made some of them in soft browns, creams, pale blues and greens.  But no, I must have color…these owls would be spotted a mile away in the deep winter night with or without the moon shining!  Perhaps you have a child or a grandchild who would love a gift of this book and an owl of their very own.  Or maybe, like me, the kid inside you  would like to have a flock of them sitting around.  I hope you enjoy!

I’ll leave you today with the final words in the book, Owl Moon:

When you go owling

you don’t need words

or warm

or anything but hope.

That’s what Pa says.

The kind of hope

that flies

on silent wings

under a shining

Owl Moon.

0 thoughts on “Going Owling

  1. Ann says:

    Delightful owls and watercolor too!

    I have finished my bag, just need to line it. It was so fun to make and I learned some new techniques with crochet! I’ll post a photo of it soon.

  2. janeyolen says:

    Actually,it’s a little girl in OWL MOON, my daughter Heidi going off owling with her dad. Now she’s grown woman with children of her own and lives next door to me in a house her father (“Pa”) built for her before he died. The house is called OWL COTTAGE.

    Jane Yolen

    • jenpedwards says:

      Oh, thank you Mrs. Yolen for the correction and comments!! I don’t know how I missed that…I see it here, right on the inside flap of the book. What wonderful memories you and your daughter and sons have of going owling. Thank you for sharing them with all of us!

  3. Everlasting says:

    Le paradis dans un arbre! A little bit of eden in a tree!
    This is so beautiful. I really love your watercolors. They are a peace for my heart and they put joy in my days. Thanks for sharing.:)

  4. Krista Meister says:

    First of all, these little guys are so precious! And…. I absolutely love your creativity in putting them in the “natural habitat”! Finally, I love your sketch of them, very Charles Reid-ish. What a wonderful way to make these owls shine!

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