Goofy Guy

Here’s my guy being goofy! What’s that you say? Randy being Goofy? Yep. His inner middle-school-child loves to joke around with unsuspecting people! So here’s the story:

We have a restaurant here in Kernersville (K’Vegas to locals) called Terri’s Deli. Randy loves this restaurant and eats there frequently, lingering with his laptop to “work”.  In summer, the owner’s young son helps out in various ways.  This young man was the recipient of Randy’s goofiness this day.

While making his order, Randy picked up a fridge magnet with Terri’s Deli logo on it .  Randy says to the young fella,”If I place this magnet on my head, do you think it will stick?”

Boy responds, “Not unless you have metal in your head.”

Randy proceeds to place the magnet on his forehead, and amazingly, it sticks! The boys jaw drops.

Randy’s surprised too, “Well, I guess I do have metal in my head…and that would explain a lot!”

A lot…indeed! 🙂

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  1. Mary Walker says:

    Too funny, I did something similar yesterday at the gas station with a 20 dollar bill while I was waiting for it to be pumped. Unfortunately it came off and almost blew out the window the grown up inside me told the kid in me to behave.

    • jenpedwards says:

      That’s a great story too Mary!! LOL! Maybe you could illustrate that moment for us and post it to your awesome blog!

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