“Guided Chaos”


I am inspired by some drawings I’ve found through the Urban Sketchers site, particularly those of Veronica Lawlor. I enthusiastically commented on one of her recent postings, asked her a few questions, to which she graciously responded. She calls her drawings, “guided chaos”. Check here: http://onedrawingaday.com/2009/07/27/art-battles/#comments

for the full explanation. I love this thought of our drawings being guided chaos. I’m not sure if the guidance Veronica refers to is a zen thing, or a right brain thing, or just the store of years of drawing expertise, but there is certainly a sense in her drawings of a confident line set free to wander the page. I really like that! I’ve been playing around with this multi-colored line and splashes of color and am having a blast with it.


The key is to let your lines go free and not worry so much about how it will turn out. These drawings are from photos of a recent trip to visit my family. The gang’s all here in this picture as we eat together, and the baby is my sister’s fourth…little Gracie. I’m trying all kinds of lines and colors…they certainly aren’t the lyrical lines of Veronica’s, but they are fun…”guided chaos” indeed!

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