Had I My Sketchbook



Had I My Sketchbook

Had I my sketchbook on that day
facing the tomb
where recent horrors laid Him
and  a rock sealed the room…

Had I thoughts other than
to sit and weep and clasp my book,
I’d open the pages
of sketches and look…

Him laughing at table
Him weeping for a friend
His amazing miracles
the events near the end…

That last day he lived
if living it be called
I could not’ve drawn it
eyes swollen as I bawled.

But I was there
His agony my own.
And I am here now
gazing at a stone.

The finality of it all
I s’pose that’s what I should draw.
A last sketch of my Friend
to end this book of all I saw.

I’d begin the arc of that boulder
the crevices of the rock
Lines upon lines
sealing up my broken heart.

Hours must’ve passed
as I filled up the page
with line after line
of my Friend’s stony cage.

The sun was coming up
as a Voice gently asked-
What have you there, Little One?
At these words, I gasped.

Sitting down by me
He pointed to what I’d drawn-
An angel, an opening,
grave cloths, a song.

I checked to be sure
what I drew had not been dream.
There it was in front of me
the whole of my scene.

And He sitting beside
glowing in smile.
We spoke of nothing and so much
for a very short while.

Then he rose to visit others
to show them Death was done.
I asked what shall I do now
for this joy…it must run!

He said keep drawing where you see Me
in all your live-long days…
And paint the song you’ve heard this morn
throughout the years and always.


April 7, 2012

Reposted today, April 1, 2018. Because it is still true. <3



21 thoughts on “Had I My Sketchbook

  1. Christy says:

    Thank you my dear friend for the way that you direct folks to the real Jesus! Happy Easter to you and your dear family!

  2. freebirdsings says:

    Terrific poem and I like the line drawing. I think Jesus WOULD say to draw our lives. He always believed in celebrating the ordinary raising a meal, a wedding and more to the level of sacrament. Maybe that’s what drawing your life does – raise it to the level of sacrament which is really what it is!

    • jenpedwards says:

      Timaree. I am writing these words of yours down in my journal…making a sacrament of our everyday lives…that is indeed what drawing does for me. Thank you for this.

  3. Jackie Donohoe says:

    Blessings on you and yours dearest one. Have a beautiful Easter..

    Thank you as always for sharing your gifts that God has given you.

    Love always, Jackie

  4. Mary Ellis says:

    Jennifer, what a wonderful poem for Easter – you really put into words the meaning and joy of this day! Happy Easter!

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