Happy Little Squares

Years ago, I remember watching entranced as Bob Ross painted his “happy little trees” for us.  Watching one of his landscapes unfold and come alive right before your very eyes was indeed mesmerizing.  So too are these little crocheted squares.  They are made from a Lucy pattern, she calls her Summer Garden Square.

I’m quite tickled about these squares and what they are becoming…you’ll have to wait and see how it evolves.  I’ll give you peeks as I go along.  But for now, I’m over the moon about the colors in my basket (yes, ANOTHER basket of yarn…yeesh! but I do love baskets filled with lovely yarns so I can see them ALL at a glance and pick and choose at happy will.  And no, I haven’t lined this one…yet!).  I walk around the house doing laundry, picking up stuff, making meals (er…assembling them:) and every time I walk by my basket, I smile and pause, gaze a moment longer, smile again and go on my merry way.

Happy is the person who has palettes of paints and baskets of yarn to bring a smile to their day!  (Ancient proverb:)

I just had to give you another pic of these cheery squares!

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  1. Dan Kent says:

    Usually not my thing, but my breath caught when I saw these. My grandmother, whom I loved so much, and died many years ago, made a crochet blanket for me that had just the same squares! Thanks for bringing all of that back to me.

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