Hat Craze!

We did have a couple of coolish days  a few weeks ago…and we haven’t seen them since! But it got me itchin’ to knit and crochet again.  Especially knit.  And not just any knitting…hats, on double-pointed needles!  The crocheted hat on the left, I made to give as a gift to a friend who’s having a baby girl soon.  It will go with the hexagon blanket I’ve also recently finished.  The knitted hat on the right fits Maddie perfectly!  It took exactly ONE ball of the lovely Noro stuff I had in my stash.  Since photographing these two hats, I’ve completed two others, one knit, one crochet; and I have another hat on the dpns, and another crochet hat planned and ready to go.  These things I call “art in the margins”.  It’s the stuff I fit in when I have five minutes here, five minutes there, when I sit at soccer practice, when I’m helping with homework.  It’s amazing what we can do when we “rescue” those throwaway minutes.  I’ve blogged about this subject before…here…and here.

Here’s hoping your day is filled with rescued minutes!

BTW: My homemade hat trees are simply a round tupperware turned over on a stem vase…they even bobble a bit!  I had been wishing for a cute hat tree to hang and photograph my hats on, but came up with this idea which I think works quite well!

0 thoughts on “Hat Craze!

  1. Jessicca Moore says:

    I really like them! The colours really are your style, like with the tree drawings.

    I am awful at knitting, I should spend more time trying to do it. But I did make a scarf by finger knitting so I am happy with that 😀

  2. Lyn says:

    Very cool hats! Tried to look at your other links to the right, only “My art site worked, the others said your ??? .com had expired?
    Beautiful drawings!

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