Thoughts on Drawing & Life

Drawing helps me enjoy my life…celebrate its mundaneness, log its poignant events, untangle the tricky paths. Life gives motivation for drawing…an endless supply of subjects, a quarry full of difficulties, and a constant stream of thoughts. Without drawing, life would lack its lustre. Without life, there would be no need to draw. Life as wife and mother of 3 offers many occasions to feel overwhelmed with domesticity and nose-to-the-grind living. I draw to find the beauty in the mundane. Pens, charcoal, and splashes of watercolor bring a sense of celebration. Art enlarges my life and infuses even the most menial of tasks with joy. As I experience life–the people in my life, the events that take place– I’m inspired to draw them, to get them on paper, to “freeze-frame” the beauty I see in them or in the world around me. Drawings do not have to be “realistic” to be expressive of the thing I’m after. Sometimes it is merely the process of swiping charcoal on paper, oozling watercolors, or dancing lines around the page that is enough to untangle the jumble in my head. When I draw I hear Robert Frost’s words…”I’ve gone to clear the pasture spring…You come too.”

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