Anytime I allow my fascination to carry me into mediums I haven’t used in a while, I always find myself returning to a black pen. Every day I reach for the Moleskine, or the Handbook Journal, to log yards of lines in either a Sharpie fine-line pen or a Bic Pen or a thicker brush tip pen.


After spending the morning at the Gardens drawing with pastel, I decided to end the session with a line drawing, seating myself in some shade. As the lines meandered on the page, I felt myself relaxing, letting go of the intense concentration I had sustained with the pastel works and just letting my eyes/hands follow the contours of the scene in front of me. This is home. This is where I can just be.


Most of the time I am satisfied with just the lines. But something in me wants a dash of color, something small so as not to detract from the lines. But even then, once I’ve added the color, there are times I wish I hadn’t. Color so easily becomes the main focus of the drawing. Its really the lines I love here. This Moleskine is full of “just lines” drawings. But a sketchbook for me would not be complete without color, color, color! It’s the variety of pages that, to me, displays the variety of life, the ever changing days, no two exactly alike.


I can sense a Sketchbook Chat coming soon! I just have so much to share…I really need to narrow the scope for each one. Soon. Yes, very soon!

Until then, draw like the wind, live artfully, be fascinated with lines, color…whatever you like!

Artfully yours,


2 thoughts on “Homebase

  1. Jeannie Boyles says:

    I am sorry that I will not be able to make the crochet classes on Thursday nights. I had three conflicts and did not realize that was the case in time to tell you. I really want to come to your classes again. I hope you are doing well.
    Jeannie Boyles

    • Jennifer Edwards says:

      Hi Jeannie! We have missed you a bunch on Thursdays but I understand! We are continuing in October to meet at the same time if you want to join us and have the time to. Just let me know! There’s a slot for you if you want it! Happy Fall!

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