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I am so pleased to have my artwork represented by a sweet little gallery here in my town of Kernersville. It has been many years since I’ve participated in a gallery. Too long I think. But I was waiting for just the right time and more particularly…just the right gallery! Southwinds Art Gallery is the perfect spot to house my artwork, books, cards and prints of Genevieve.

The night of the Art Show opening, several pieces of artwork sold along with many books, for which I am so grateful! Angie Jarman (the owner of Southwinds) and I talked about how we could open up the exposure of the remaining paintings to a wider audience. I asked if she would be willing to mail them to anyone who might like to purchase a painting, but who lives out of town. So here is a “gallery” of some of the paintings available through Southwinds. It doesn’t matter where you live, as long as you’re willing to pay the shipping, which of course is cheaper for those living in the United States.

The price of each painting is such a deal! Angie has matted and backed each piece with Conservation mats. The only thing you’ll have to do when you receive the piece is to frame it under glass. Angie can even frame it for you, if you would like that option, as she is an expert framer as well as gallery owner.

I’ll be posting other available paintings coming soon! Be on the lookout here, as something just might tickle your fancy, or be perfect to give as a gift! I am so very thankful for all who have supported my art over the years! Your continued support means so much to me!

Here’s how to purchase:

 You can either call Southwinds Gallery directly: 336-993-0818

OR…leave a message in the comments section here on my blog and I will connect you with the gallery owner, Angie Jarman.

0 thoughts on “Honey of a Gallery

  1. Sunny says:

    You’ve already answered my first question (size), so I’ll ask my second. 🙂 How do you part with your paintings? I am certainly a beginner, but it’s hard for me to even mail a hand-drawn postcard; it’s as though I’m too attached. Any suggestions? Thanks as usual for sharing your beautiful work!

    • jenpedwards says:

      Hi Sunny! Thanks for your question. Perhaps it is because I create so much work. I think, as far as quantity goes, I’m fairly prolific. I also really love to offer my work for sale so that others can enjoy them. It is my work and joy. I will certainly hang onto a piece that is especially meaningful to me. I have been selling my artwork for many years so in a sense, it’s what I do. However, I do not make paintings or drawings with the thought that I will sell them. I only do that when it is a commission piece. I just make art that I love and IF I want to offer it for sale later, i do. Try making lots and lots if postcards and see if you feel freer to give/sell a few away. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your encouraging comments! -Jennifer

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