Honor Card Artwork!

I am honored to have a drawing of mine chosen for this year’s Honor Cards for a local mission called Out of the Garden Project.  Led by Kristi and Don Milholin, this non-profit group seeks to ease the hunger of hundreds of North Carolina children in over 30 of Guilford County’s schools.  I’m absolutely thrilled to have a tiny part in what they’re doing in my neighboring town.

More and more children are relying on the food they eat at school to be their main source.  When they go home for the weekend, many families struggle to put food on the table.  This problem is more widespread than you might think.  Kristi and Don have been inspiring and leading others to band together and help provide for these families on the weekend.  They receive food donations, organize it in a warehouse, pack “meals” into grocery bags, and deliver them to the schools who have applied for this assistance.  You really should cruise around on their website to get a feel for what they’re doing!

And YOU can be a part of the solution as well! By making a donation of just $5 (or more), you can contribute to their ability to purchase more food and reach out to more and more children and their families.  With each $5 (or more) donation, you will receive an Honor Card with the above piece of artwork printed on it and a lovely envelope to go with it.

This photograph shows you the front and back of this Honor Card, and the beautiful metallic envelope it comes with.

These would make excellent gifts to teachers, co-workers, colleagues and family  members this Christmas.  They are taking donations (via Pay Pal on their website) through early January.  I will leave a button in the right-hand margin for you to click on anytime, to donate and receive an Honor Card.  Remember, you can receive an Honor Card for every $5 if you wish….just be sure to email Don & Kristy how many you would like once you’ve placed your donation!  If you only want to receive one Honor Card for a $25 donation (or 10 Honor Cards for a $75 donation, etc.), indicate that as well.  They are happy to mail these to YOU!!

When you give this as a gift, you’re giving the gift of food to a child in need and the gift of art to a friend.  What could be a better gift than that?

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  1. danscanvas.blogspot.com says:

    This is a beautiful piece and it is clear to see why it is on the card. Great cause – you described it so vividly it has stayed with me from the time I first peeked at your post on my smart phone till now.

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