Hoping for sky

to peek through the bleak.

Storms rolling in

one after the other.

I know the blue

is there somewhere,

i saw it the other day.

I just can’t see it

for all the gray.

0 thoughts on “Hoping…

  1. raenassketchbook says:

    I’ve had so many ‘blue sky’ days (this summer I began to think I lived in Death Valley) that I’m so appreciative of our recent gray days. I think it gives everything a different color and a different feel. But then, we don’t really get a winter here…It’s more like 9 months of death valley, 3 months of spring/fall, and one day of winter. I imagine gray would get old if I had long bouts of it!

  2. Alex Tan says:

    It’s sweet. I love gloomy days…means I get more clouds =) I’ve always love staring at them, and I could lie down in an open field(DRY….field) and watch the sky all day long

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