How It All Begins


This is how an idea for a design begins. With a little sketch. A few notes. Just a beginning. You can see from this initial sketch and notes that a few things changed by the time my Di-Vine Yoga Socks Pattern was completed:

*I ended up using a yarn, slightly thicker than worsted weight…Aran? (The wrapper calls it worsted, but it is definitely a bit thicker than that!)

*I did not like ribbing, and instead used Garter stitch. It looked SO much better (to me:).

*Originally I thought about knitting small leaves, sewing them on, and then connecting them with a chain stitch vine. But my whole reason for creating my own Yoga Sock design was to have a QUICK knit. And having to knit 5 or so leaves, then sew them on, would not’ve been a quick knit!! So I settled on the chain stitch to be a continuous line, “drawing” the leaves as well as the vine. Just what I wanted.

I love the Paper App for the iPad. That’s where I sketched the above image. I have one “book” in the Paper App designated for Knit & Crochet design ideas. I love the simple tools and colors. It’s an awesome app for drawing, sketching, note-taking, etc. You should try it!!

Di-Vine Yoga Socks (Knit)

Di-Vine Yoga Socks (Knit)

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