How shall I draw thee? Let me count the ways…

There are so many ways to approach drawing…all the possibilities make me giddy.  Shall I do a contour drawing or better yet–blind contour?  Shall I draw the light and dark shapes?  Shall I design shapes that have a nod to realism but take off in interesting directions?  Shall I draw the large masses and work my way to the smaller ones?  Shall I build up these masses with line, or color, or…?  The possibilities are endless.  Here are only two versions of a gentleman who is a Kernersville character.  I have seen him for several years sitting in his golf cart on Beeson Rd. with his dog.  Apparently he used to ride his horse around town.  I have referred to him as Old Man Beeson until I recently learned his real name.  I may work in color for my next version of him…who knows?  Part of the fun is dreaming of all the ways I could approach drawing & painting a portrait.spring-art-035spring-art-0771

0 thoughts on “How shall I draw thee? Let me count the ways…

  1. Mike Rhoades says:

    I love it! Randy ‘tweeted’ your website this morning and I’ve had a great time looking through your work. I loved the Old Man Beeson charcoal and sketch and was happy to read about him on the blog. You’re fantastic – great work! I’ll be checking your blog often.

  2. jenpedwards says:

    Thanks Mike, for your encouraging words! This blog thing is really fun to share what I love to do. Thanks for visiting!

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