I feel a collage coming on!


I don’t mean to imply that collaging is like catching a cold…it’s just that every so often I’m seized with a desire to pull out my papers, glue, and scissors to tear, rip, cut, paste, splash, etc.  It may be a need to break away from line for a bit–who knows?–but it is SO fun!  Our family is headed to the beach for a week and I plan on taking my papers and glue with me to make some beach scenes.  I’m hopeful my sisters-in-law might join me!  OF COURSE, the little red sketchbook is going too…I can’t wait!  When I collage, I’m not thinking of anything specific…I just look at the odd pieces of papers, torn leftovers, and let them “suggest” something to me.  I really try to just PLAY!  Which should be the driving force ANYTIME I create…but in my drawing, I do love to set myself a “problem” to solve, or ask myself “What if I tried…” which is really a form of play as well, just done a bit more “form”ally.  I do hope this collaging cold lasts for a while:)

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