I Will Create!


This is an oldy I wrote years ago, but I’ve been running the words in my head of late. We can so easily be consumed by the sadness in this world: mass killings of humanity, hunger abroad and in our own towns, financial woe, health issues, family matters, work difficulties, etc.

I choose to stand against the looming oppression of these things by making something beautiful. Though it is a small gesture, when we all create something lovely, whether it be in yarn or paint, clay or paper, on a stage or in your backyard, we are fighting the ugliness that rears its head in our world.

Let us stand together today against all that threatens to undo us, and make something beautiful and share it with the world.

P.S. Did you know I like to write poetry? I have a self-published collection of my poetry available on Amazon or a signed copy in my Etsy Shop. It’s sure to bring a smile to your face on a dreary day. 🙂

6 thoughts on “I Will Create!

  1. jacquie reynolds says:

    Jennifer this is so beautifully said. would I be able to have your permission to make a copy of this posting so that I can read it everyday? Jacquie

    • jenpedwards says:

      Hi Jacquie! How kind of you to ask! Yes, you can do that, just for your own use. I am planning on creating a much more elaborate watercolor print of this quote to sell as an inexpensive print in my Etay shop. Should be available by early next week. 🙂

      • jacquie reynolds says:

        Thanks Jennifer. I really appreciate that and I will enjoy it each and every day. I am going to hang it in my art room.

  2. freebirdsings says:

    I like this a lot. Can’t wait to see your revised picture. Beauty helps us to handle the bad things. Something good goes a long way to keeping hope alive. I think it was Viktor Frankl who said the people who could find a way to keep hope alive were the ones who had the best chance of surviving the concentration camps of WWII.

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