I would be…


Bird in Winter

That bird out there, he thinks it’s Spring!
In frigid frost his pipes do sing.
Through the dark night he carries his tune.
As morn reveals the barren waste, he croons.

He seems unaffected by Winters’ harshness.
Does he not see the bare trees leafless?
He chirps on though cold he must be.
Does he not pine for food for his family?

This bird in Winter I would be …
To sing in a blanched world the Spring of eternity.
To chirp and tweet the cold night through,
‘Til morn reveals the Beauty True.


***I came downstairs one below freezing morning last month, and a bird outside was “singing loud for all to hear!” (movie Elf reference:) I love birds. Don’t you?

*****Though the book was nearly finished, I just had to include this poem in my recent book of poetry, Words On A Line.  It would make a great gift for anyone you know who enjoys poetry!

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  1. freebirdsings says:

    I like the poem and the picture. Hope that isn’t in vain is something we try to teach our kids isn’t it? Something Jesus tried to teach us too. Sometimes it’s hard to keep in mind that spring follows winter. Animals can teach us a lot or at least remind us of some of the eternal truths! And too, there is beauty in the cold and barren times if we but look for it. I am guilty of wanting quick fixes and no pain but I try to remind myself that we can’t feel love without experiencing the lack of it sometime or that happiness is gauged by knowing unhappiness too. You really hit on things to keep us thinking!

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