If I taught You to Draw…

One of the ways I want to move forward in my recently named “job” or calling, is to encourage others to draw their life.  The thing is, I really don’t feel that I have much to contribute to the already full and rich resources available to you via the web for learning drawing, painting, sketching techniques or for learning how to use materials for these endeavors.  There is just so much out there for you to learn from fabulous artists who have taken the time to show you and share with you techniques and materials either on their websites & blogs or through YouTube.  Though  I COULD certainly teach you these things, what I have to offer you is in some sense more to the heart of the matter.  Some may say they are “side” issues to chronicling your life in a sketchbook.  But I think of them as of supreme importance, if not the topmost lessons needed in order to begin and to continue to celebrate your life in images, whether drawn, painted or collaged.  These lessons are not rocket science! They are simple, foundational yet enduring.

So.  I’m going to begin a little weekly offering to you.  Let’s say, every Friday, STARTING THIS FRIDAY, I’ll have here a mini lesson.  At this point, I’m calling it Drawing Your Life: 12 mini-lessons for Celebrating your Life in images drawn, painted, and collaged.  This “course” is designed to empower you to see the Beauty in your Life no matter how artistic or NON-artistic you think you are!!  It will be a series of little lessons meant for artists in all stages of their creative journey, and ESPECIALLY for any of you who have ever said: I couldn’t draw a straight line even if you gave me a ruler!”  Of course, between the Friday posts, I’ll sprinkle my ongoing life-drawn-to-paper and pinned to this blog.

Definitely tune in every Friday, 12 weeks of “baby steps” we can all take together.  I’m looking forward to you visiting.  There’s no fee! It’s for you to enjoy!  I’m tagging all of these posts into a Category titled: Drawing Your Life Mini Lessons.  Hopefully this will aid you in coming directly to my blog to review the lessons as you need to.  Or if you join mid-way through, you can get to the others.  One day, I’ll post them all in a section to themselves and then I might create a Zine compiling them all together for any of you who might like a paper copy.

I look forward to Fridays! I hope you’ll join me! Oh, and 12 lessons? Hmmm…it might be more:).  We’ll just see how it all unfolds.

0 thoughts on “If I taught You to Draw…

  1. Phyllis says:

    Starting up, feeling rusty, need baby-step inspiration. Where to turn? Of course – Everyday Matters…and here you are, old friend (at least that is how I think of you though it’s been a while since I’ve posted). Thank you for the perfect inspiration. See you Friday!

    • jenpedwards says:

      It is oh so good to hear from you Phyllis!!!! I hope you are well, and I’m so glad you are starting back up again to sketch, doodle or draw! “See” you soon!

  2. Caroline says:

    I stumbled on this by accident and it’s a wonderful idea, very generous of you! Its the exchange of ideas that is important, and the inspiration that you are freely giving to the rest of us. I look forward to next friday!

  3. freebirdsings says:

    I’m almost too late for the party but not quite! I can think of things to draw sometimes. And, I get excited about drawing those things sometimes but mostly I seem to look around and see my stuff and wonder why I want to bother so perhaps your lessons will hold a nugget or more, of ideas for me. I will check back on Friday – hey, that’s tomorrow!

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