If Knitting Had Feelings…


I do wonder about this sometimes. I fall in love with a simple ball of yarn. And the dreaming begins. I’m sure it loves this…me dreaming about all the possibilities it might become.


Then I choose, and off we go…clicking away happily with nary a thought but the yarn and stitches in front of me.


And then. I fall in love with another hank of yarn, or an idea, or a pattern. And before you know it, I’m dreaming again. Only this time with another yarn.

I do keep knitting the first one, but not exclusively anymore. It might be the one I take on the go and leave the other for home, when I can concentrate more. But nevertheless there are two now, and I might be caught thinking of the other while knitting the one in my hands.


Lately, this malady has happened several times. I think I now have THREE knitting projects going AND a crochet project! I’m sure this speaks volumes about my start-itis tendencies, my fickle nature, my creative ADD, or whatever you want to call it. In my defense, I am totally committed to each and every one of them!

But the poor yarns!! Surely they are at least mildly disappointed at having to share my affections! Perhaps they’re even downright angry. I dunno. But when I pick them up, they seem all happy to be becoming whatever I’m making them. They seem glad to be held and treasured… for however long until I pick up a different one.

And at the end of this post I’m thinking I’m crazy…and that I’m glad yarn does NOT have feelings. Otherwise, I’d be in big trouble!

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  1. freebirdsings says:

    I have 4 dogs. They all feel loved even though I can’t give them all attention at the same time all the time. The same with my grandkids so why should the yarn not understand? Now my yarn is sitting in my closet since I cleaned the house for my sisters to see my new home and I’ve forgotten to take it back out. If some yarn wants to feel left out it would be mine!

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