I paint a lot of these…I do not know why.  They are imagined.  Perhaps they at least hearken to places I’ve been…maybe Bass Lake or Salem Lake, or the New River.  They are not planned.  In some ways these little paintings are a series of responses to the previous colors that are laid down.  I’m simply enjoying the properties of watercolor and allowing it to “suggest” trees, water, space.  I have had art teachers who say paintings must be planned, carefully composed, worked at over a long period of time, not just dashed off.  While I see the need for this in certain types of art, I do not think it should limit us to “only” making paintings that have been subjected to all the “do’s and don’ts” of academic art.  There is value in making art that is less cerebral, less calculated, and freed from restrictions.  It’s value may only lie in the process and thus enjoyed only by the artist.  Yet it is still of worth and perhaps a viewer or two will find it beautiful as well.

0 thoughts on “Imagined-scapes

  1. Alex Tan says:

    I remember seeing my granduncle’s painting, and at one stage of his life, he was painting something similar, something people couldn’t quite understand. He was an established chinese arts painter, and famous for painting tigers, birds, bamboo trees, animals etc because he’s able to put life and emotional elements into them… and at one point, it was just random strokes, and it was all dark, and perhaps even he couldn’t understand it himself.
    Nonetheless, this to me looks very artistic. It does have the element of a place with trees, water/lake, and colorful sky perhaps at dawn. It’s very interesting ^^ I like mysterious things

  2. Deborah says:

    I definitely appreciate the beauty of this painting! And I can feel the spirit that went into its creation. I just love it – so much more pleasing to my eye than something labored over and academically correct! I love your work!

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