I recently got a book titled Creative Crochet Lace: A Freeform Look at Classic Crochet by Myra Wood…lovely! And this little cardi is what I was inspired to make from reading that book. I had these yarns sitting in a bag for a year…last spring I was wanting to design something to make with them, swatched some in knit combinations, then tried to think of typical crochet ideas, but nothing really popped. Until the book. I think this was THE most fun thing I have ever made. Perhaps that is a bit exaggerated, but I never got bored, I was always researching different stitches, motifs, flowers, etc to incorporate in the sweater. It felt a lot like painting. Many of the questions and decisions were painterly ones–which color next? What textural stitch beside that one? Where will the emphasis be? Is there continuity? Repetition without predictability? Rest places? and so on. Loved the process and am now on to make one all in whites. I don’t know whether it will work as well being monochromatic (will the stitches be showcased when there are no changes in color??) but the journey of finding out will be loads of fun! The only hitch now is that I have a bazillion ends to weave in, but even that seems worth it after all the enjoyment of making it.

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