Joslin Diabetes Center

Maddie and I are enjoying visits to the new Joslin Diabetes Center.  The beautiful bright colors make you forget that the reason you are here is because your child has a life-threatening disease which requires ongoing management and education.  This morning, we met with the wonderful Kathie Cooper, our diabetes educator. I say “our”, because it really is education for ME (maybe moreso) as much as it is  for Maddie.

The start of each school year brings all kinds of preparations and a bit of anxiety.  There are forms to fill out, meetings to “educate” her teachers, sorting out her daily schedule and when things will happen, like lunch, P.E., recess, snack.  We are so thankful for how her elementary school has worked with us in caring for Maddie and assisting her with her diabetes.  This year, she and I are wanting the school to allow her more independence in the management of her Type 1 Diabetes. This might be a little tricky…so I am now armed with the legalities of what school’s should provide by law.  It is both daunting and liberating to work toward my daughter, eventually, being completely independent in her diabetes care.  Maddie is ready for the next steps in this.  I am ready too…I think.

The other thing I have on my radar right now (along with far too many other pressing and huge matters such as, oldest going off to college, mother starting radiation, my own teacher workdays beginning soon…) is the Walk to Cure Diabetes sponsored by JDRF in Winston-Salem, NC on October 27th!!!  Maddie and I missed this last year (largely due to my own overwhelm), but I am determined to not let this year pass us by!  It is such a wonderful event: so encouraging to Maddie and all of us who are affected by Type 1 Diabetes in our families.  I’m hoping to design t-shirts for our team, gather some friends to walk with us, and raise money for a Cure.

Word has it that a Cure could be within the next decade.  That would be a dream come true!

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  1. chris says:

    You are a wonderful mother, caretaker, artist. I’m confident Maddie will do well because of the education, care, and love she is receiving. You have a full, crazy busy life yet you find time to create daily which is a great way to slow it all down and appreciate the moment. Thanks for sharing your journey. As always, you are an inspiration.

  2. Revelle Taillon says:

    I have a niece named Maddie who has diabetes too. Her Mom has been great with all the back and forth. These young ladies are exceptional and learn to handle this with great finese. Best of luck!

  3. ann says:

    Sounds like your plate is full with challenges and upcoming changes. I wish you and Maddie the best for her new school year. She’s an awesome young lady!

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