Just For Fun!: A Key to Artful Living


The next time you have a creative idea in mind, and you keep talking yourself out of it, try this:

“OK, I’ll do it, but just for fun!”

And then begin, just for fun. Keep going at it, day in and day out, but only for fun! Think of your project lightheartedly. Shew away any thoughts of whether it is good enough, or if anyone will like it, or whether it will sell, or whether it shows how much you really know. Just play and have fun with it!

This is how just about everything I do gets accomplished. I keep reminding myself that this is “just for fun!” For me, for my kids and grandkids. That’s it. When I get bogged down in thinking about all the criticism that can come my way, or examining the usefulness of it, or determining whether it is sellable or not, I teeter on the edge of shutting the whole thing down!! Really and truly, the only way for me to continue in this Artful Life is to just make these things for fun! Fun for me; and if others want, then fun for them!

Try it. It’s pretty cool. This little phrase has helped me blast away blocks that I feared would lodge in the creative cogs and dislodge the current project. Whether it was publishing Genevieve and the Kite, or Letters to an Artist, or going to draw downtown on Fridays, or writing out the poems in my head, or putting time in on my latest project (which is a secret … just for fun!:)

Let me know if this helps you too! I’d love to hear about the fun you’re having!

**And, oh! Just a little reminder about the Book Signing/Art Show at Southwinds tomorrow!! 4-6pm…Come one, come all! It should be a merry time!

0 thoughts on “Just For Fun!: A Key to Artful Living

  1. freebirdsings, Timaree says:

    I was on Facebook yesterday where someone who wanted to draw faces wasn’t doing it because it might not turn out spot on. Your advice would have helped. Oh, everyone gave advice and much of it was great but your advice gets down to why we are doing art to begin with. If we aren’t enjoying ourselves and the art we produce and it’s not our job, then why are we doing it.? Let’s have fun! At your book signing too! Wish I could be there. That would be fun!

  2. audreymontoya says:

    I love this advice! I stopped painting for months because I let my inner critic (I call him Gollum) keep me down but then I realized that if it turns out poorly nobody has to see it but me. But I love this, it’s just for fun! Thanks for sharing.

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