Just Wonderin’…

…what’s up ahead…

I’m strangely wordless as I face a New Year rolling in. 2012 was a beautiful year, for many reasons both creatively and personally. I’ll detail some of that in an upcoming post. But I feel a sweet hush around me as I contemplate a new year ahead. The possibilities. The unexpected. The dreams. The hopes. Even the fears are all a part of my reverie. No resolutions. Only to keep on looking around me with my eyes peeled for Beauty, both evident and not-so-evident. I sit with some yarn in my hands. I have desires to put more of my designs out there for others to knit and crochet. If you’d like to peek at my knitting blog, or follow me over there, please do! But these things always morph and change with the seasons. I’ll go where inspiration takes me, drawing it along the way.

Thank you. Thank you so very much for visiting here. For checking in on the crazy things that run in my head and down through my arms to pens, paints, paper and yarn. You just don’t know how I appreciate your presence here. May 2013 bring you beautiful days to draw and paint and create!!

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    • jenpedwards says:

      Thank you Ziggy for your faithful visits here! I hope 2013 is filled with all sorts of Elves to draw!! See you in the New Year!

  1. danscanvas says:

    It has been a true pleasure visiting your blog this last year. It is so nice to hear your soft new year’s reverie. Especially in light of my own arm’s length list of resolutions and the chaos that was 2012 that I am very pleased to leave behind. May 2013 be just as satisfying for you.

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