Kaleidoscopes & Sock Yarn


I have a couple of kaleidoscopes. I’ve loved these things since I was a child. My husband’s parents gave me one many moons ago. The other is a cheap one I picked up somewhere. The cool thing about kaleidoscopes is that everything they need for their beautiful, intricate, colorful patterns is already there, built into the body of the scope.

A little light, and a turn or two of the end piece, and you’ll see a breathtaking world of patterns and designs. I was inspired by a friend recently to think of my life as a kaleidoscope. Everything that happens to us turns the end of the scope of our lives another notch, maybe two, thereby rendering a brand new pattern and design in technicolor.

I love that.


Much of today’s sock yarn is like this too! You see the multi-colored ball of yarn and you have no idea what patterns will emerge as you begin to knit your sock. It’s quite addictive. You keep on knitting wondering what’s around the corner next row: solid stripe, swoosh of color, fair isle patterns of all kinds. I love to remember, as I knit, that this is how life is: each day, every season, bringing a new and different design with it’s own colors.

It is all there in that ball of yarn, just like the pieces of colorful glass and beads in the end of a kaleidoscope.

Each stitch, row, and turn reveals a new beauty.

All I have to do is keep on knitting.

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