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A creative life is rarely a straight arrow path. Perhaps precisely because it IS creative, the path is winding and circuitous, with many side trails leading off the main one which eventually brings you back on track or becomes the new main path.

This is how my own creative life has felt for nearly 20 years. I imagine it will continue. My love for all things yarn and all things art continue to be both what fascinates me and what sustains me. I’m sharing these two loves in a video podcast.

Knitterly Arts is a phrase that comes up in my head when I think about what I do. It encompasses the knitting and the drawing, crochet and painting. My intent for this podcast is to share my ongoing love of these endeavors, as well as how they speak to  me about life and living everyday with an Artful eye on everything.

All of the Knitterly Arts Podcasts will be hosted on You Tube and housed on a separate blog, which is actually one I used to post to a few years ago. You can subscribe to my You Tube channel as well as to to receive notifications of each podcast. This will be the home for each episode’s Show Notes, links to everything I make reference to in the podcast.

If you enjoy either knitting or drawing, or just love making things in general, this Podcast is for you!

Artfully Yours,


Here’s the first episode. Be sure to click on the link above to access the Show Notes. All future Podcasts will only be announced on Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Knitterly Arts Podcast!

  1. Gretchyn Edwards says:

    Hi Jennifer — Watching the podcast now — fun! I love seeing what you’re working on. I’m interested in making the leaves, but your show notes link is not working just yet. Help? Thanks much — happy podcasting! P.S. Sharing your podcast with my knitting group tomorrow. 🙂

    • Jennifer Edwards says:

      Gretchyn, I tried sending a reply, but am unsure of its getting to you. Do forgive me if this is a second response. I have added the instructions for the leaf that Loritimesfive shared on her Instagram post recently. I added them to the bottom of the Show Notes on the Knitterly Arts site. I hope this helps. The other leaf link seemed to be working fine. I bet it was due to the Instagram link…might not have worked if you are not a current follower of her. Thank you so much for watching and sharing my new venture with friends! I hope you are doing well!! –Jennifer

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