Knitting Evolution


When one embarks upon a knitting or crochet project, it undergoes an evolution of sorts. From the cast on row through to the binding off, any assembly or embellishment, it. i.s evolving. Brown sweater is especially so!


It began with a fairly simple original design (which I have not typed up in pattern form…yet!) and a vision in my head of what it would become. Lots of embellishing! Then as I blocked it, and began adding the floral flourishes, I was seeing it in a different way. And now it is evolving even more!


I think I’m seeing what it might actually be one day soon. But it may evolve yet again, I don’t know. I’m just along for the ride, responding to each phase of development.


Thanks for coming along for the ride with me! Enjoy these peeks into Brown Sweater’s evolution! Some day soon, I hope to have an exciting reveal!


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