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This post is looooonnngg overdue. The shawl has been finished for weeks now, and is off to a dear friend (shhhh…:) Perhaps you’d like a peek inside the random mind of a knitter while she knits.

Project in hand is the Holden Shawlette designed by Mindy Wilkes. Here’s what she says in the description of the design:

“When I was a little girl, our family always vacationed in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I always loved the way the waves “danced” as they broke onto the shore. While on vacation in Holden Beach, North Carolina, I fell in love with the little waves all over again. Inspired by the waves, the Holden Shawlette is a simple but elegant little shawl.”

I thought this would be the perfect project to take along with me to our annual beach trip on Oak Island which is right next to Holden Beach. I wrote down some of my thoughts as I knitted:

…this is the coolest beginning to a pattern…love the concept…


…oh I do love stockinette…meditative…Knit a row…Purl a row…Knit a row…Purl a row…Golly I love these colors!…


…Whoever it is behind Noro yarns is an artist for sure!…Mmmm that beautiful turquoise blue…oh and look how it gives way to the seafoam color…And then the pale mauve…ooohh…


…I love hearing the ocean as I knit…Should I be out here knitting?…It might get sand and salt in it…Well, that’s as it should be, it being named after Holden Beach…which is just a few miles from where I am on Oak Island…


…OK, let the lacework begin…I don’t typically knit lace…but she (the designer) said it was easy to memorize…Here’s hoping…So far, so good…This is gonna be pretty…like she said…the waves of the ocean…


…I wonder what we’re having for dinner?…It’s Rich and Cathy’s night…they weren’t sure what to make…Oh no!…I think I’ve missed something somewhere…Gotta UN-knit and back up to the stitch I skipped…Okay…got that fixed… Off we go again…Um… What’s happening here?…Oh crikey…Not again…I don’t think I actually fixed that row…Better fix it now before it becomes a mess…Right…Back on track…


…Can’t wait to see it completed…But slow down Jen…Enjoy each stitch…especially while you’re here at the beach…


…It’s the perfect setting of sight and sound to go with this shawl…Love how knitting is like that.

This shawl has inspired me to try designing one in crochet–to try to emulate the waves that lap up on the shore. I’m working on typing it up and offering the pattern in my Etsy Shoppe. I’ll let you know when it’s ready! 🙂

0 thoughts on “Knitting Thoughts

  1. Sherie Holden says:

    Jen, i would love to see the crocheted version (as I am not good at fixing mistakes in knitting) and I have been admiring your shawls for a long time AND with my last name being Holden and I love your art,,,,,, well you get the picture, LOL. Can’t wait to see your creations. Thanks for inspiring us!

    Sherie Holden

    • jenpedwards says:

      Thank you Sherie! This gives me an extra boost to finish typing up the pattern! But I’m also getting my Art Room set up at the school where I teach part time, so it’s a bit slow going. Thanks for the encouragement! Have a lovely day!:)

  2. Diane says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!! Makes me want to pull out my unused needles, run down to the yarn store and start knitting again. I used to love the feel and the look of the beautiful yarns filled me with delight. It just felt so wonderful and satisfying. Maybe….

    • jenpedwards says:

      Oh I hope you can pick up your knitting again Diane!:) It really is “wonderful and satisfying”. Thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment! I’m so grateful!

  3. freebirdsings says:

    It’s very pretty! Yours looks a bit larger than the original. I like a shawl that is bigger than how I see it on Ravelry just wrapped (choke, choke) around the neck. I would want it to warm my arms! Loved hearing your thoughts as you worked on it. At one time I thought I’d make a “wedding ring shawl” but I am glad I came to my senses before buying the yarn and starting it. The chances for errors are tremendous and with an ADHD personality I know I would have never had the patience to finish one as lovely as they are. They aren’t colorful as yours is though and color for me, is more important than loads of lacy stitches.

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