Knitting Together


I drew this two years ago when Maddie first learned to knit. She was eight years old then. She’s only picked up her needles a couple of times since.  When she learned, I was amazed at how quickly she picked it up.  This weekend she decided she wanted to knit a scarf for her teachers at school.  So off we went to find just the right yarn.

I do have a good amount of yarn here at the house :P. But would any of that work for her? No…it had to be this particular color with that particular fun fur. (I do love this about her…gotta have just the right colors and textures running through your fingers, right?) So we got home, sat down by the Christmas tree to knit. I cast on for her and knitted a few times to refresh her memory, reciting the little rhyme that helps you remember. She took over from there.


It’s amazing. Back and forth, stitch after stitch, with very few mishaps.  And TWO yarns held together. AND one of those fuzzy! Not simple I tell ya. After a while she says,”Mom, knitting has a flow to it. I really like the flow of knitting…do you?”  <sigh> My dear girl.



I do enjoy the glow of the Christmas tree. I also love the coziness of sitting on the couch together. But add to that both of us knitting together, our needles clicking along side by side…THAT is the most fun ever!

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    • jenpedwards says:

      Music, yes!! But we are into hot cocoa these days with peppermint creamer in it! Yum!! Thanks for visiting here Sheri! And for commenting!

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