Le Couleur Des Vignes


It is a fact I don’t often bring up with folks, but I’ll whisper it here to you dear reader:

I see yarn and paint colors when I look at nature.

Case in point:


On a recent, perfect weather Saturday, my husband and I visited a local vineyard. I stepped out of the car into a world of gorgeous, bright, yellow green!


I saw Skip’s Green and Cascade’s Wasabi dripping, meandering, and soaring off the rows and rows of vines.

Glorious green!



Suffice it to say…we had a marvelous time, walking up and down the vines, tasting the wines of the Junius Lindsay Vineyard, listening to the live band Deluge. One of the band members played an awesome bass ukulele! (I do love ukuleles!)


I CANNOT WAIT to go back with my easel, paints, and yarns to capture more of this beautiful vineyard!

So I ask you…do you do this too? Do you see either yarn or paint colors when you look at nature? Do you find yourself thinking, “Oh there’s Lamb’s Pride Lotus Pink in that rhododendron? Or, here’s the loveliest cadmium scarlet rose ever!”

Surely it isn’t just me.

At least I hope not. 😉

P.S. My curiosity kicked in high gear when I noticed that there were rose bushes planted at the ends of every 2-3 rows of vines. You can see this in my drawing above and in the third photograph down. I wondered if this was purely for aesthetic reasons or if there was another thought behind this. Then, as I was watching my current favorite movie for the umpteenth time, A Good Year, I saw the roses, in full bloom, at the ends of the vines!! Why? Why?

My husband and I looked it up: apparently the rose bushes are like sentinels, standing guard over the vines. If there is a mildew, mold, or disease that might attack the vines, the roses will catch this before the vines do, signaling the disaster before it has a chance to do any permanent damage. C’est magnifigue!

7 thoughts on “Le Couleur Des Vignes

  1. freebirdsings/Timaree says:

    Lovely painting. I didn’t know that about rose bushes but it makes sense. The canaries in the coal mine! I’m not getting your new posts in my email. I’ll have to figure out why and fix it!

    As for seeing names of colors, I don’t too often but I did when I saw my purple hair the first time. I didn’t know I would like dioxazine purple so much! That was just what I thought! Usually I just see things as colors or mixes on my palette and don’t name them. I guess I don’t remember the names of most of the colors I have; I just use them, matching as I go so visually yes, I see things as paint colors but not names of paint colors. Wow, that must be one mixed up sentence!

    I didn’t want to tell you but I have a postcard to send you and couldn’t find your snail mail addie! I thought I had saved it but it must be lost in the jungle of stuff in my room!

    • jenpedwards says:

      Ok…I think I might know why my blog posts aren’t showing up in your email. When I went to the list of my followers, your name is there, but there is no email address listed, like all the others have under their name in the list. So I clicked on your Gravatar and there isn’t an email listed there eithe. I think that wordpress pulls your email address from the Gravatar you have created? Maybe? Perhaps adding your email to the Gravatar would solve the issue…? Just a guess.

    • jenpedwards says:

      Well…that might not be it. I looked at a couple of the others whose email does show up on my list of followers and there is no email visible there either. Would it be that you might’ve inadvertently missed putting in your email address when you signed up? Oh well, that’s the extent of my technology knowhow. Good thing I’m not an IT person!

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