Le Cycliste and Le Tour de Pig

Sharpie & Sketchbook went with me to Lexington, NC this past Saturday to cheer on my husband as he came in to the finish line of the Tour de Pig bike ride.  The rest of us sat in our chairs ringing cow bells, hootin’ and hollerin’ as cyclists came in.  Many of them love being celebrated after the grueling 30, 50 or 64 miles they’ve just ridden.  Randy made his best time ever for a metric century! We then ate delicious barbecue together as this was a Festival for Lexington’s famous and favorite food: barbecue!

Trying to draw moving cyclists is not easy.  I quickly sketched in the areas that weren’t moving and then added in cyclists from memory of them as they went whirring by.

I see now that I need to go back into my sketch to put the date 10/13/2012.  I’ve been so busy lately I didn’t know right at the moment what the day’s date was.

If it weren’t for these sketches to pin me to the ground, October might have been over before it even started. TGFS! (Thank God for Sketchbooks!)

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    • jenpedwards says:

      Thanks Tracy!
      Hey, I’d like to interview you on my blog sometime in November…would you be up for it? I’ll concoct a list of questions for you and I’ll need permission to use a few of your awesome pics of the furniture you breathe new life into. I think it would be a cool way to show a different sort of painting! You are one creative gal! -Jen

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