Le Visiteur

My drawing table sits right in front of a large window overlooking a portion of our back deck.  The deck has several bird feeders for all the wonderful visitors we have year round.  I think this is a slate-colored junco .  He was quite beautiful and visited only briefly…I actually had to draw him from memory since he was gone by the time I grabbed my sketchbook.

I love birds.  Love their cuteness, their colors, their songs, their seemingly care-free-ness.  This past weekend, in Asheville, I was captivated by a particular artist’s work which included birds in just about every painting.  Check out Sarah Faulkner’s work here.  You’ll be glad you did!

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  1. Elza Metzelaar says:

    No wonder you get such nice visitors. Any bird flying by must be charmed by that feeder. The last couple of weeks I am ‘into’ cross-hatching and look closely if I can find it anywhere – found it!
    Like the splattering too. A cheery drawing.

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