Let Go


I woke up this morning with these words in my head:

“Sometimes we have to let go of the original plan in order to allow the newer, cooler design to come out.”

I was remembering meeting some new folks on Sunday, having lunch with the couple after church. The young gal had a crocheted purse that was lovely. I commented on it and asked her about it. She said she had made it, but wanted to get the left bit down into a triangular point. When she couldn’t get it the way she wanted it, she just left it curvy. I told her it was awesome just like it was.

I wonder how many creations/discoveries/inventions are actually due to the artist/scientist/inventor “missing the mark” and then changing course?

Good thought for life as well. 🙂

***May we each have the grace to let go of the original plan so that the newer, grander one can unfold!

One thought on “Let Go

  1. Thomasina Tittlemouse says:

    You do write in a way that makes me think of things! Sorry, this is another quotation you’ve brought to my mind! Amy Carmichael, (Stateside) this time, “The thoughts of the son ran thus: “My hopes painted beautiful pictures, but they are fading one by one.” His father said: “Destroy all those pictures. To watch them slowly fading is weakening to the soul. Dare then to destroy them. You can if you will. I will give you other pictures instead of those your hopes painted.”
    And the strange thing is that He does! But the essay of trust in surrendering what one cherishes and clings to is not to be underestimated. He knows that, of course. Rowan Williams says something similar about the essence of God-given vocation as being prepared to surrender the thing one thinks one is best at and discovering what one may be called to do and be instead. Scary, but disturbingly true, I fear! I’ll look up the detail of what he says, if you’re interested. Have a lovely evening, Jennifer! I hope we will meet one day! E xx

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