Life in a Knitted Sock


As I browse through the photos I’ve taken, some instagrammed, some not… I realize there’s a lot of life lived during the span of time it takes to knit a pair of socks.


A new pair begins when I’ve finished the last pair.


There are the soccer games and practices, mentioned in this recent post. There are times of “babysitting the butt” (a term we have affectionately dubbed when we sit outside while the smoker does its thing with a pork “butt”; which is actually a shoulder, I think.:)


There are coffee visits at the end of a long day of teaching.


There are armchair travels to France via my current favorite movie, A Good Year.


There are lap-sitting cat times…

…which do become a bit tricky trying to kitchener the toe with a cat in your lap…


…who is also shedding enough fur to spin into a ball of yarn!


And finally, there are the trying-them-on-times to just sit and ponder the next pair you’re going to cast on.

Yes. A lot of living all wrapped up in the knitting of socks. Each pair is a little bundle of small events in an everyday life.

I like that.

**Wondering what yarn this is? Schoeller/Stahl’s Sockina Color #138. 🙂


My current pair of socks on the needles went with me this past week on a “knitting adventure”. Without being so veiled, I spent the week in a hospital in Chapel Hill having surgery. I am home now to continue the next phase of the adventure–Rest and Recuperation.

Oh the tales these stitches could tell!

6 thoughts on “Life in a Knitted Sock

  1. freebirdsings says:

    Yay, you are home! Bet the family is tickled bright pink! Hospitals may be necessary and helpful but they are no fun to be in! Follow all the orders they gave you so you don’t have to go back too soon.

  2. Sherie says:

    Glad all is well, I have been thinking about your knitterly adventure this week. Take care of yourself, resting and knitting is good!

  3. The Twisted Yarn says:

    That’s one of the many joys of knitting – you can recall the events in your life that happened whilst you worked on each item.

    Hope you’re recovering well from surgery?
    (The socks are beautiful, by the way.)

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