Limiting Input

I have whisperings…little thoughts that return, quietly, gently. I am making an effort to listen to a few of them. Here’s one: What would I make, or want to make, if I limited how much I am seeing in the way of what other’s make?

I love Instagram. Well, perhaps I should say that I love seeing all the amazing incredible wonderful inspiring things that humans make in this world. I I am constantly inspired by the designs others are knitting and crocheting, the weavings they create, the paintings, the stitching…on and on and my poor little head is so full of things I want to try, that I don’t know which to begin next. And so I wonder…

What if I limited that input, or did away with it altogether? What would I, Jennifer, make? What would I paint? What would I stitch, knit, weave, etc? To be certain, I create what is original to myself and what bubbles up in my own maker mind. But it is definitely influenced by the wonders I have access to online. And it begs the question.

I am trying to listen more. Right there I seem to have contradicted the title of today’s thoughts. How can I listen more if I am limiting input? It is a rich and wonderful truth that we listen more deeply when we get quiet, set ourselves apart from the fray, find still places to sit and listen where external input is minimal. I am making time for this deep listening each day and even for extended periods. It is delicious. I’m finding help and solace in so many areas of my life. As a creative person, here’s something I’m discovering as I listen:

I myself, have within the creative coffers of my heart, a wealth of ideas, skills, abilities, and inspiration. Right here. Inside of me. (And may I say here…so do YOU, dear reader!) So this little gentle question is asking, “From that wealth, what do you want to make? Setting aside all the fantastic ideas and skills and beautiful things you see online, what do you, Jennifer, want to make today?”

So I am sitting with that question these days. Listening more fully to that sweet gentle whispering and wanting to take some action, little by little. It will be a process. I want to share that process here. And I am committed to these posts being short.  I have already surpassed the length I want to allot myself each day. And since I love sitting with questions, I’ll leave it at that. And let the rest unfold, gently, little by little each day.

Thank you for being here.


11 thoughts on “Limiting Input

  1. Robiin says:

    Still quiet places are healthful for body, mind, spirit and emotions. Nature is healing. Your creations bring beauty to my life when you share them. Thank you.

  2. Jane Wilson says:

    Your posts are always inspiring. I can relate to this one. Too much input can make too much “noise” and can hamper listening to your own thoughts. I think finding a happy medium between looking at inspiring art and quiet time for yourself would be good. In a way, too much input can create a “hoarding” of ideas much like acquiring too much stuff, and both activities seem to paralyze forward movement.

    • Jennifer Edwards says:

      Hi Jane! So very good to hear from you! Yes…I am always seeking that balance and I think limiting scrolling through lots an lots of photos helps. Mind you, I do love the inspiration derived from others’ work! But as you say…too much leads to paralysis, or at least, for me, confusion as to which way is my path. Have a beautiful day Jane!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know if I’m wrong, but I get the feeling you are going away.PLEASE DON’T !
    I love everything you do. You are an inspiration!

    • Jennifer Edwards says:

      Nope…not going away! Hehe…I’m just shifting forums so as to have a more focused space for communication and sharing the creative life. Hopefully others will benefit, but I enjoy the containment of writing and posting here, so it will continue. I know you have your name here as Anonymous…but thank you for visiting here and commenting. -Jennifer

  4. Jill Ruskamp says:

    I have felt the same nudge. What do I do with all the inspiration? Is it sometimes actually a deterrent? From being authentically me and for sure sucking up time from actually making. So I limit it likewise and it feels good.

    • Jennifer Edwards says:

      I wonder about the “deterrent” question also. Another whispering I hear inside is “you need a detox from it all.” It makes me think that the creative river water needs to settle in the jar so I can see more clearly. It does feel good to take a break from it, or at lease limit the time spent there. Thank you Jill for your comments. I hope you have a beautiful day!

  5. Annette says:

    Dear Jennifer. We could even ask ourselves, who ARE we, without all that input. Not only our creativity is being influenced by IG and all the amazing things we can see there, we ourselves, as persons are influenced by it.
    A couple of months ago I realised I worked faster and faster to finish something only to be able to post a picture of it. And yes, I was heavily influenced by other people’s pictures. Fair-Isle Friday, throw-back Thursday… A nice mug with a frothy beverage seemed to be a staple in the pictures….. There is nothing wrong with it persé…. but is this about me, or about wanting people to like me/my work/stylish pictures?
    So your post speaks to me! It is so spot on! “What would I make….?”…..maybe we should paint that on the wall….and start working from our own hearts again….being who we are, who we are meant to be and being grateful for how we were made by Our Creator in the first place.
    Thank you for a lovely post and a useful and beautiful reminder.
    Have a wonderful day , dear creative You!

    • Jennifer Edwards says:

      I love these thoughts Annette, and it confirms my own “whisperings” about all this when I hear from other creatives a similar feeling. All the best to you in your quest to create beautiful, authentic things from a space of rest and confidence. Have a beautiful day!

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